TENLOG IDEX 3D Printer Heater Block Silicone Cover


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TENLOG 3D Printer Heater Block Silicone Cover Video

TENLOG 3D Printer Heater Block Silicone Cover Specifications
Name: 3D Printer Heater Block Silicone Cover
Manufacturer: TENLOG IDEX 3D Printer
Color: Black/Blue
Material: Silica gel
Size: 2.3x 2.3x 1.3cm
Weight: 45.0g
Packing: 4 pcs
Max Temperature: 300℃
Function: Keep the hot end temperature stable
Compatibility: All TENLOG IDEX 3D Printer And MK7 / MK8 MK9 and other original models

TENLOG 3D Printer Heater Block Silicone Cover Description

◉ 🐳 The TENLOG IDEX 3D Printer silicone sleeve is made of heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material: it helps to keep the IDEX 3D Printer nozzle running stably at high temperature. The silicone sleeve keeps your heating block clean, prevents scorching, blackening, and debris, thereby extending the life of the heating block and extruder, and helps to keep the hot end temperature stable. They are all made of non-stick silicone resin, which can withstand high temperature for a long time: 280℃, and can be used at a constant temperature of 300C without degradation. It is not recommended that the temperature exceed 300C.

◉ 🐳 TENLOG 3D silicone sleeve is suitable for all MK8 M6 IDEX 3D Printer. Suitable for using the hot end of the MK7/8/9 heater block. Including suitable for original models such as TENLOG IDEX 3D Printer and MK7 / MK8 MK9, including Creality Creality Ender 3/3 Pro, Ender 5/5 Pro, CR-10 / CR-10S / CR-10 S4 / CR-10 S5 / CR-10 Mini, Ender-2, Anet A8, MakerBot RepRap 3D Printer, etc.
It helps keep your heater block clean and free of burnt and blackened plastic.

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