TENLOG 3D Printer Upgrade BMG Extruder


Model: TL-Hands 2/TL-D3
BMG or New BMG: BMG All
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TENLOG 3D Printer Upgrade BMG Extruder Video

TENLOG 3D Printer Upgrade BMG Extruder

Name: 3D Printer Upgrade BMG Extruder
Manufacturer: TENLOG 3D Printer
Model Number: Hands H2/TL-D3 Pro/TL-D5/TL-D6
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Size: 6 × 12 × 9cm
Weight: 1.8kg
Power Source: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Max Nozzle Temperature: 280℃
Max Hot bed Temperature: 110℃
Filament: 1.75mm TPU, PVA, PLA, ABS, HIPS,  PETG, FLEXIBLE,Nylon

TENLOG 3D Printer Upgrade BMG Extruder Description

◉ 🐳 TENLOG Upgrade BMG Extruder utilizes an internal gearing ratio of 3:1 together with precision cnc-machined hardened steel drive gears to give you provides more torque than other extruders.

◉ 🐳 Dual Gears: unique Dual Gears technology delivers uninterrupted material flow without fear of grinding or slipping in even the most demanding conditions.

◉ 🐳 Adjustable Tension: The thumbscrew tensioner allows the user to fine-tune the pressure exerted by the drive gears onto the filament.

◉ 🐳 Quick-Release: To be able to do material changes in a snap, simply activate the quick-release lever to release the tension and pull the filament to be changed out of the extruder, keep it activated and insert the new material.

◉ 🐳 New adjusted method for E2 extruder: We put the height adjustment of E2 on the back of the extruder. You need to loosen the two screws behind the extruder first, and then adjust the height of E2 by turning the gear. After the adjustment is completed Then, tighten the two screws to fix the height of E2

◉ 🐳 Live operation problems The cabled BMG nozzle prevents the VGA cable from loosening during the working process of the nozzle, which causes the main board to burn out, and fundamentally solves the problem of accidental burn out of the main board.

How to adjust the BMG nozzle of TENLOG 3D IDEX Printer 2How to adjust the BMG nozzle of TENLOG 3D IDEX Printer 2

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